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Public Attributes

MatroskaFile Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

struct AttachmentAttachments
ulonglong bufbase
int buflen
int bufpos
struct ChapterChapters
struct CueCues
char errmsg [128]
ulonglong firstTimecode
unsigned flags
char inbuf [IBSZ]
jmp_buf jb
unsigned int nAttachments
unsigned int nAttachmentsSize
unsigned int nChapters
unsigned int nChaptersSize
unsigned int nCues
unsigned int nCuesSize
unsigned int nQBlocks
unsigned int nQBlocksSize
unsigned int nTags
unsigned int nTagsSize
unsigned int nTracks
unsigned int nTracksSize
ulonglong pAttachments
ulonglong pChapters
ulonglong pCluster
ulonglong pCues
ulonglong pSeekHead
ulonglong pSegment
ulonglong pSegmentInfo
ulonglong pSegmentTop
ulonglong pTags
ulonglong pTracks
struct QueueEntry ** QBlocks
struct QueueEntryQFreeList
struct QueueQueues
ulonglong readPosition
struct {
   unsigned int   Attachments:1
   unsigned int   Chapters:1
   unsigned int   Cluster:1
   unsigned int   Cues:1
   unsigned int   SegmentInfo:1
   unsigned int   Tags:1
   unsigned int   Tracks:1
struct SegmentInfo Seg
struct TagTags
ulonglong tcCluster
unsigned int trackMask
struct TrackInfo ** Tracks

Detailed Description

Definition at line 138 of file matroskaparser.c.

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