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TrackInfo Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

union {
   struct {
      unsigned char   BitDepth
      unsigned char   Channels
      MKFLOAT   OutputSamplingFreq
      MKFLOAT   SamplingFreq
   }   Audio
   struct {
      unsigned char   AspectRatioType
      unsigned int   ColourSpace
      unsigned int   CropB
      unsigned int   CropL
      unsigned int   CropR
      unsigned int   CropT
      unsigned int   DisplayHeight
      unsigned char   DisplayUnit
      unsigned int   DisplayWidth
      MKFLOAT   GammaValue
      unsigned int   Interlaced:1
      unsigned int   PixelHeight
      unsigned int   PixelWidth
      unsigned char   StereoMode
   }   Video
char * CodecID
void * CodecPrivate
unsigned CodecPrivateSize
unsigned int CompEnabled:1
unsigned CompMethod
void * CompMethodPrivate
unsigned CompMethodPrivateSize
unsigned int DecodeAll:1
unsigned int Default:1
ulonglong DefaultDuration
unsigned int Enabled:1
unsigned int Lacing:1
char Language [4]
unsigned MaxBlockAdditionID
ulonglong MaxCache
ulonglong MinCache
char * Name
unsigned char Number
MKFLOAT TimecodeScale
unsigned char TrackOverlay
unsigned char Type
ulonglong UID

Detailed Description

Definition at line 114 of file matroskaparser.h.

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